NYC Tribal Gospel House

100% Robert Steinbacher! 10 years after his last dance release, Robert goes back to the roots. Super cool House & Tribal sound, mixed with awesome Gospel and Vocal Sounds will give you goosebumps from head to toe in every minute of this great mix.

SOME FEELINGS BY ROBERT: In june 1994, i left my home country because I was born to become a dancer in New York City ... I instantly fell in love with the city and the endless uncontrollable energy in it ... in return, it taught me how to be wild, fearless and free...this is a part of who I am and of what shaped my carreer ... as an artist, NYC is the tribe I belong to, my creative home, my authentic heartbeat ... and the jungle I can disappear into nothing ... the more you give into this jungle, the more it takes charge of your existence ... my relationship with NYC isn‘t over yet.
when i close my eyes and listen... I hear the beat of the city calling for me.